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Contacts Sync for Teams enables contacts synchronization on a group of trusted devices running either Android or iOS.

Keep your contacts on a mixed team of Android and / or iPhone devices in sync.

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Multiple Accounts

Contacts can be arranged into multiple containers, called Team Accounts. They are the synchronization units of this app.

Multiple Devices

Contacts in a Team Account container can be kept synchronized on several devices. They comprise a sync group. Distribution protects you from data loss.

End-to-end encryption

Contacts information is confidential. It is protected by strong encryption outside the devices of sync groups.

Import from file

Contacts can be copied from local accounts or any standard VCard files. In any case the data remain within the device.

Zero Access

Your contacts data are inaccessible to us or anyone else outside your sync group.

Automatic Synchronization

Contacts data are kept up-to-date automatically in a sync group.

Open Source

The app source is available under GPL to all registered users. Contributions are welcome.

Free to Use

First come, first served. Registration will remain free until our resources are exhausted.

How to Use



From the very beginning at least two applications have been made available on every communication device: a dialer and a contacts app. So replacing a device has always resulted in the task of restoring contacts. The problem used to be solved by transferring the contacts' storage medium (e.g. a sim card) from one device into the other.

More advanced mobile devices, like smart phones, can handle not only voice calls or text messages but several new communication channels. The mobile phones offer an increased internal or external storage capacity, so the contacts can include a lot more information than before. However the internal storage medium is not removable any more and the problem of restoring contacts needs new approaches.

One possible solution is exporting and importing the contacts via an external file. This approach is supported on many mobile devices even today. Moreover, the backup can be stored in the cloud and it can be made available to any authorized (trusted) user. Actually most people make use of free services offered by global providers, like Google, for restoring their contacts from a backup provided by that service.


Obviously, contacts, or other types of content, can be imported from a backup into more than one device and make them available on all of them at the same time. The requirement of simultaneous availability may vary depending on use cases. Once data is to be shared on several devices the problem of consistency should be examined. The usual expectation is that changes on one device will be reflected on all other devices automatically without significant delay.

Among others, most social media platforms implement sharing and real-time synchronization of their data, including contacts. In each case, the user must register an account with the service provider and login on each device where the respective information is to be used.

Privacy issues

Sharing contacts via a free service is very comfortable. Unfortunately it has a price. The user must be aware that the shared information can be fully disclosed on the server. It has legal protection but in technical terms it is open. Actually this is a precondition for the registration.

If the user somehow encrypted the information then sharing it would necessarily include sharing the key as well. So privacy can only be achieved if there is an independent channel for key exchange.

The new app combines synchronization with protecting privacy.

Confidential data should be protected against unauthorized access and loss. Your service provider may keep a secure backup for you. Unfortunately you will need to share (disclose) the data on the way.

There is an alternative. Keep them securely on multiple devices instead.

Our app is available on Android and iPhone! Install now to get started!

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Please Note!

Standard Android and iOS contacts on mobile devices have limited or no support for security and privacy.

Our apps keep all information in a secure internal database. In order to maintain the contacts you need to use an appropriate app. Please install the Team Contacts app (iOS) or the Simple Contacts app (Android) onto your device.

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